Eine Ausstellung über die Dimension des Beethoven-Mythos und die Konstruktion eines Genies
Beethoven’s stern face and stirring music are known across the globe. But beyond his importance as a historical or musical figure, the composer has swelled over the past two centuries into a character larger than life, with his heroic music, tragic life, astounding deafness and leonine head. More than any other artist, Beethoven has fostered a tremendously rich response in literature, the visual arts and music. From Gustav Klimt to Joseph Beuys, Romain Rolland to Milan Kundera, Franz Liszt to Pierre Henry and Jean-Michel Basquiat to Stanley Kubrick, the Beethovian aura continues to haunt artists. This exhibition examines Beethoven's mythical dimension, and takes a close look at the construction of a genius.

14/10/2016 bis 29/01/2017

Cité de la Musique/Philharmonie de Paris

221, avenue Jean-Jaurès
F-75019 Paris


Cité de la Musique / Philharmonie de Paris

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