Ludwig van Beethoven is the most frequently performed of all classical composers. He was also a radical artist who constantly reinvented himself, expanded the boundaries of music and posed questions to society. Even today he inspires people all over the world. BTHVN2020 will celebrate the 250th anniversary of his birth by mobilising people and opening up a wide range of perspectives – both on and about Beethoven more

Calendar of events

The Beethoven Anniversary Year will be celebrated with a multitude of events from 16 December 2019 till September 2021. 

Due to the current Corona development, most of the announced events will not take place in the foreseeable future. Please contact the organizer regarding info about the event realisation and possible ticket refunds.

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Official BTHVN2020 opening ceremony

Here you can enjoy the full opening ceremony of the Beethoven anniversary year 2020 once again.


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Schon im April sollte die Ausstellung eröffnet werden – doch dann kam Corona dazwischen... jetzt wird unter Beachtung der Hygiene-Vorschriften der …

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Bilanz von drei Tagen und zwei Nächten der Licht- und Klanginstallation „de-symphonic“ im Duisburger Landschaftspark.

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Eine musikalisch-filmische Annäherung an das Heldentum: Ende September präsentiert das zamus einen Konzertschwerpunkt mit drei Veranstaltungen im…

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