14.08.2020 | Concert Format

3 pm Beethoven's Planet

KoKi - concert (not only) for children

Laterna musica Frankfurt

Beethoven is repeatedly disturbed when making music together with his pupil Giulietta: be it the housekeeper, be it the post office with a parcel, be it a street musician playing the clarinet, who also has the impudence to penetrate the master, disturb the lesson and play his melodies to him! He even wants to sell them to him!

Beethoven gets so angry that finally everyone leaves him alone.

He unpacks the package: A telescope appears. Beethoven is thrilled. At last! Looking into space, he dreams of the "music of the stars", pure and supernatural. While playing these sounds on the piano, a strange figure appears - the "Star Spit" - and takes him on a journey into space to the planets of fantasy...

There you will meet the alien Subito and experience many sound adventures.

Céline Bräunig (dance) - Therese, star spit

Julia Hagen (cello) - Giulietta, Dulcinea

Ib Hausmann (clarinet) - street musician, Subito

Christoph Ullrich (piano) - Ludwig van Beethoven


Augustiner Chorherrenstift Öhningen
Klosterplatz 1
78337 Öhningen

Admission prices

10 €
Children up to 16 years of age free admission to all concerts of the Höri Musiktage

Ticket information

Gästebürs Öhningen, Gaienhofen, Moos,
Bookshop at the Obertor Radolfzell


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Travelling to the venue

Höri bus to Öhningen Linde/Rathaus