17.05.2019 to 02.06.2019 | Exhibition

Art installation "Unser Ludwig"

© Arnulf Marquardt-Kuron

500 x Beethoven on the Münsterplatz! A picture that will go around the world from Bonn. In the spring of 2019, 500 Beethoven statues will be installed on the Münsterplatz - where the world-famous Beethoven monument, which Franz Liszt unveiled in 1845, stands.

"UNSER LUDWIG" is a joint action of city-marketing bonn e.V. and the Bürger für Beethoven e.V. in cooperation with the Beethoven Anniversary society, represented in the signature brand BTHVN2020. The patron is Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan.
"UNSER LUDWIG" is designed by the renowned sculptor and conceptual artist Professor Ottmar Hörl. The statue (about 99x35x33 cm) out of golden or opal green plastic is weatherproof and easy to transport / approx. 5-6kg). Each of these figures is handmade in Germany. Until the installation in summer 2019, it is possible to purchase one of 500 Beethoven figures that will be exhibited there. More information about "UNSER LUDWIG".