26.09.2020 to 31.03.2021 | Exhibition

Art? What would I be without it?

A contemporary homage in two parts: The "Tangentiale" presents works and activities by artists from the region at nine venues around the city. The "Raum ist Partitur" exhibition (literally “Room is Score”) at the Künstlerforum in Bonn interlinks sound compositions with six current artistic positions and Mauricio Kagel's "Beethovenzimmer” (Beethoven Room).

It all starts with the big yet simple question of inspiration and aspiration in art – what motivates and inspires the individual – and what is the importance of art to the recipient.

The focus is on the immediate experience of time and space, and listening and seeing, rather than any pretension to a direct connection to Beethoven’s biography and character. The approach develops many references that aim to awaken curiosity and interest. After all, what would we be without art? This insight, which was already Beethoven’s experience, is a contemporary view that we would like to be able to experience and discuss using contemporary art.

The two complementary parts of the project focus on the convergence of fine arts and music in the “Raum ist Partitur” exhibition at the Künstlerforum, while the "Tangentiale" project will be an exploration of art and the city.

In addition to Mauricio Kagel’s “Beethovenzimmer” (Beethoven Room), the "Raum ist Partitur" exhibition also presents works by Ulrike Arnold, Ingo Bracke, Rosa M Hessling, Gudrun Kemsa, Jochen Kitzbihler and Norvin Leineweber in room installation, video, photography, relief and painting formats. Musicians and artists work together in close collaboration to create several live renditions of a score composed by Johannes S. Sistermanns especially for the exhibition – the room becomes a score.

The "Beethovenzimmer” (Beethoven Room) forms a bridge to the "Tangentiale", thus into the city and history, and to Beethoven's 250th birthday. The project presents cross-genre works and activities by artists from the region at nine venues in and around the city. They touch on the subject of Beethoven, using it as a source of inspiration for venue-specific references. After all, the discourse on one of its most famous sons – from genius to brand – plays a special role in the cultural diversity of the Bonn scene.


Künstlerforum Bonn
Hochstadenring 22-24
53119 Bonn

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