16.02.2020 | Concert

At Eleven 3: Beethoven Orchester Bonn

Peter Maxwell Davies

Last door of light


Edward Elgar

Concert for Violoncello und Orchestra e-Moll op. 85


Ferdinand Ries

Symphony Nr. 3 in Es-Dur op. 90


Chiara Enderle→Violoncello

Beethoven Orchester Bonn

Dirk Kaftan→Conductor


England was already musically a world apart in the 18th and 19th centuries. Modern concert halls and concert associations provided a staple diet of music for an educated audience that was second to none in Europe. It was not without reason that that old “Papa” Haydn moved to London, where he was celebrated. It was not without reason that Beethoven's 9th Symphony was commissioned from London. And finally, it was not without reason that Beethoven’s erratic student Ferdinand Ries tried his luck in London. The fact that one could play his music in an English programme was because British composers were in short supply at that time, and that, despite the excellent educational opportunities. It was only during the course of the 19th century that many English (and Irish) composers began to appear on the European stage. The most renowned among them was surely Edward Elgar. He was also the first to repeatedly make the almost ever-present seas of the British Isles a theme of his music. This made him a role model for many of his successors, not least Peter Maxwell Davies. The latter spent much of his life in his homeland, on the stormy Orkney Islands. Following last season’s merry and turbulent “Orkney Wedding”, this season we will be putting his “Last Door of Light” on the programme: a tellingly gloomy warning in the face of environmental destruction and climate change.


Universität Bonn, Aula
Am Hof 3
53113 Bonn

Admission prices

€ 29 / 25 / 23 / 18 / 15
School classes and music courses at middle and high schools can purchase tickets for this concert at € 5 / student* (limited offer)

Ticket information

10:15 am Concert introduction in Lecture Hall X
11:00 am Concert
After the concert: Exhibition at the Cultural Centre of the University (Am Hof 7, 53113 Bonn, Germany)
In cooperation with: University of Bonn, Alanus University of Arts and Social Sciences (Alanus Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft)
A project within the framework of BTHVN2020


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