07.09.2021 | Concert

Auryn Quartett & Friends – I

Auryn Quartet

Julian Bliss Clarinet

Zora Slokar Horn

Swantje Vesper Horn

Richard Galler Bassoon

Ulrich Wolff double bass


Works by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Carl Nielsen and Ludwig van Beethoven


The quartet professors from Detmold will welcome four wind players and a double bass player to an evening of music of a special kind. Mozart's pleasing Divertimento (without cello!) was probably composed as a tribute to the newly examined son of the Salzburg family Robinig, who are friends of his. Surprise: In the final rondo, the Primarius can prove himself a gripping virtuoso. In Beethoven's popular septet, a steadfast horn player is needed to compensate. The composer, barely 30 years old, must have been highly regarded in Vienna. Would he otherwise have dared to dedicate this serenade-like work, comprising six extended movements, to Her Serene Highness, Empress Maria Theresa?


Stadttheater Rheinbach
Königsberger Str. 29
53359 Rheinbach

Admission prices

€ 32 | 25

Ticket information

bookable immediately


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