23.10.2020 to 23.10.2020 | 19:00 | Concert

#bebeethoven: Hymns of the time

Pianist, composer and #bebeethoven fellow Kaan Bulak explores the timeless connections between Renaissance music, Byzantine hymns and electro-acoustic art music of the 1990s in a moving chamber music evening. With an ensemble of musicians and specially developed loudspeakers, he reinterprets millennia-old works and combines them with original compositions.


With: Kaan Bulak

#bebeethoven is supported by the Federal Cultural Foundation.



St. Hildegard
Im Meisengarten 45
53179 Bonn

Admission prices

25€ / reduced 13 €

Ticket information

Due to the current infection figures, please note our information:
1. Masks are compulsory in all venues. This must also be strictly observed during the concerts.
2. Advance sales for the concerts are very limited.
3. All concert-goers are expressly informed of our existing hygiene concept and we will continue to ensure that the requirements are strictly adhered to.
4. We also offer (live) streams of the concerts, so that all interested parties can follow the concerts from home. You can find all information on podium-esslingen.de.



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