06.06.2021 to 06.06.2021 | 20:00 | Concert Format


"Beethoven is..." A web portal was used to find out who Beethoven currently is for us. Witty, stupid, touchingly beautiful thoughts were formulated. Five well-known composers and a PoetrySlamer had access to them. And they wrote the Beethoven Lesson together. BeEnigma was born. BeEnigma is performed in Hamburg, Cologne, Lucerne, Vienna and Berlin. The TONALi Orchestra plays under Garrett Keast. And 150 student managers are co-organising the whole thing.



We fast. No sound. No note. No quotation. Absolutely nothing. Nothing will be heard by us from all that will be celebrated all over the world in thousands and thousands of small and large concerts. Beethoven is celebrating his jubilee in 2020. He saw the light of day in Bonn 250 years ago. We will not play him. Yet we too want to celebrate him, to let him rise in us as one of the greatest spirits of all time.

We imagine an imaginary room in which six pictures hang. Each of the exhibits shows Beethoven. We imagine how the pictures are exchanged, how new perspectives and new features on his face are constantly emerging in the room. It becomes clear to us: the face does not exist, he - Beethoven - does not exist. And he does exist. The image of him emerges mysteriously and enigmatically within us. The gaze is directed inwards, it becomes free. The space - in which we are - becomes: silent.

And then everything around us begins to sound. And then they play, all those young people. And then we too devote ourselves to him, to Beethoven. The newly founded TONALi Orchestra will perform in the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, in Cologne, Vienna, Lucerne and Berlin. The orchestra will play BeEnigma for a good hour. BeEnigma, the multiform Beethoven hour.

Buene, Ruzicka, Sanchéz-Verdu, Trojahn, Buene, Varga. These are the widely sought-after composers who have each written one of the five BeEnigma parts on behalf of TONALi. And then it is added like a moon, the text by Brunke, who dedicates himself to Beethoven as the sixth, slam poetic part. And that is not all. Young people from 12 schools will do their utmost at the concert venues to get young people excited about the "one hour", about BeEnigma. They will make friends with the orchestra players:inside, because they will go to the schools in advance and explain what this is all about: BeEnigma, the special Beethoven portrait that is at the pulse of time.


Elbphilharmonie, großer Saal
Platz der Deutschen Einheit 4
20457 Hamburg

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