18.09.2021 to 18.09.2021 | 18:00 | Side programme

Beethoven and freedom

"Beethoven and Freedom" in the Kelheim Liberation Hall with the Bavarian Police Orchestra conducted by Prof. Johann Mösenbichler and the Renner Ensemble Regensburg (male choir). Conductor: Hans Pritschet. Bernd Schreiber, President of the Bavarian Palace Department, takes over the welcoming address. Minister of the Arts Bernd Sibler introduces the topic, Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann gives the closing speech.

Detailed description: www.musikvereinigung-kelheim.de


Picture credits: Bavarian Travel Policy/Tobias Epp


Musikvereinigung Kelheim

Freedom on everyone's lips - what a battered term! Overstretched! One might think so. The opposite, unfreedom, oppression, servitude, come to mind. When, in the Beethoven anniversary year 2020, the Hall of Liberation for Kelheim and the region, perhaps for the whole of Bavaria, takes centre stage on the occasion of the 250th birthday of the Bonn-born composer, associations arise: Freedom-liberation from what? Freedom fight - Beethoven and Napoleon - Crown Prince Ludwig, later Ludwig I, King of Bavaria and Napoleon. The theme, two Ludwigs versus Napoleon, will play a role. Even if the composer and the king's attitude towards Napoleon is ambivalent, a clear opposition is crystallizing. The Ludwigs become antipodes.

If the composer lamented his desolate life, "Nothing but drums, cannons, human misery of all kinds!", we think of the liberation from war and misery and, more recently, of the division of society, for whatever reasons.

The hall, as it is called in Kelheim, is a memorial turned to stone, a "Denk Mal", which makes freedom immortal, even if the "pile of stones" will once fall apart.

When the Beethoven Jubilee 2020 in Kelheim comes to an end with "Beethoven and Freedom" in the Liberation Hall, nature on the Michelsberg will jump at you. Inevitably we have the nature man Beethoven in front of our eyes, for whom a tree could be better than a man. In the Heiligenstadt Testament he affirms: "How happy I am to be able to walk in bushes, woods, under trees, herbs, rocks, no one can love the land as I do - after all, woods, trees, rocks give the echo that man desires". Let us take up this sentence, let it take effect on us and act accordingly, in order to be able to continue to experience and enjoy nature in the spirit of Beethoven.


Befreiungshalle Kelheim
Befreiungshallestraße 3
93309 Kelheim

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30 €, reduced 25 €

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Purchased concert tickets remain valid. If you are prevented from attending, they can be returned to the advance booking office of the Kelheim Tourist Information, Ludwigsplatz1, 93309 Kelheim.


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