20.09.2020 to 30.09.2020 | 17:00 | Festival

Beethoven at the Cinema – The Beethoven Film Festival

Beethoven at the Cinema – The Beethoven Film Festival

A series of events by the StadtMuseum Bonn (Bonn City Museum), curated by Dr. Ingrid Bodsch, in cooperation with the REX Lichtspieltheater.

Experience Beethoven at the cinema from the earliest silent films to today.


Open-air opening on 20.9., 5 and 8 pm, on the Rhine terrace of the Arndt House with the silent film "Beethoven" from 1927, accompanied live on the piano by Markus Kreul. Daily it continues at the REX Lichtspieltheater from 23-30.9., each with introductions by Dr. Ingrid Bodsch, 23-28.9., and Prof. Peter Moormann, 29-30.9., on Wednesday, 23 September at 8 pm, with "Eroica - the day that changed music forever" (2003). The closing will be on 30 September at 8 pm with "Le Grand amour de Beethoven" by Abel Gance, introduced by Dr. Peter Moormann, Prof. for Media Aesthetics at the University of Cologne, who will also look back on 100 years of history and reception of Beethoven films. 

Beethoven in film
Beethoven Film Festival with a selection of the most remarkable feature films, from the first silent films to today, and Mauricio Kagel's "Ludwig van". 

With live music for the silent film "Beethoven" (1927), a new digital musical version for the silent film "The Martyr of his Heart" (1917/18), introductions to each film and a film review on 30.9.2020. 

The dates:
Sun, 20.9, 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., start on the Rhine terrace of the Arndthaus: "Beethoven" (silent film, 1927), with live piano accompaniment (Markus Kreul)

In the REX:

Wed, 23.9., 8 pm: "E r o i c a. The day that changed music forever" (2003)
Thu, 24.9., 6 pm "Martyr of his heart", silent film (1917/18)
Fri, 25.9., 6 pm: "Beethoven", silent movie 1927 (with live piano accompaniment, Markus Kreul)
Sat, 26.9., 2 pm "Beethoven - Days from a Life" (1976)
Sat, 26.9, 6 pm: "The Magnificent Rebel" (1961)
So, 27.9., 11 o'clock: "Ludwig van B. - My immortal beloved" (1994)
So, 27.9, 2 pm: "Ludwig van Beethoven. A German legend" (1949)
Mon, 28.9., 6 pm: "Beethoven - The whole truth" (1984)
29.9., 6 pm: "Ludwig van". A film by Mauricio Kagel (1970)
Wed, 30.9., 8 pm: "Un Grand Amour de Beethoven" (1936/37)


Frongasse 9
53121 Bonn

Admission prices

Admission: 8 €, reduced 7 €; tickets for the screenings in the REX in advance at https://www.rex-filmbuehne.de/inhalt/rex/plan and at the box office

Ticket information

Tickets for the screenings at the Rex can be purchased either online in advance, at https://www.rex-filmbuehne.de/inhalt/rex/plan or at the box office. For the opening event on the terrace of the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-Haus, Adenauerallee 79, on 20.9., at 5 p.m. and 8 p.m., tickets will cost €15, reduced €10, and can only be purchased online via anmeldungen-smb@bonn.de.


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