14.12.2019 to 15.12.2019 | Concert

'Beethoven at your place' - the nationwide start of the Jubilee Year

(c) Andreas Kern
(c) Laura Weber

In a unique citizens’ initiative, hosts will open their homes to artists and concert visitors.

At the beginning of the Beethoven anniversary year, the Beethoven Anniversary Society BTHVN2020 will be initiating home concerts throughout Germany during the weekend of 14./15. December 2019 with the project BEETHOVEN AT YOUR PLACE. People of all social spheres of life can actively help shape the anniversary and, as hosts, open their homes for artists and visitors.

In living rooms, club rooms or shops, concerts, readings or performances on the subject of Beethoven are offered. Even at Beethoven's time, artists performed privately. Today, just like 250 years ago, it is still an experience to enjoy live music in a small group of friends, family and guests in their own home. Become part of BEETHOVEN AT YOUR PLACE and open your doors to artists of all genres and guests for a musical togetherness - in the spirit of Ludwig van Beethoven.

The Beethoven Anniversary Society is looking forward to many contributors, many unforgettable house concerts and a joint commitment throughout Germany to celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven.