25.09.2021 | Concert Format

Beethoven for(ever)Young

"Beethoven- Immortality for the Advanced".

Musikgedankentheater Cologne:

Cabaret artist Tina Teubner (voice), Steven Picard (violin), Ben Süverkrüp (author+ piano)

Beethoven cannot die. Who, if not he, Beethoven, is to write the music of the future? The music of freedom and the new man? He makes a decision: a composing machine is needed; one that is capable of continuing his work. And there is only one person who is up to the task of building this Beethoven machine: Johann Nepomuk Mälzel, imperial musical court chamber machinist, inventor of the metronome and various musical automatons...

The Musikgedankentheater creates a connection between two worlds: Beethoven's sonatas for violin and piano, closely interwoven with a story written by Ben Süverkrüp especially for this evening, and thus approaches the musical genius of the century in a very special way.



Bürgermeister-Schmidt-Str. 7c
51399 Burscheid

Admission prices

Adults 24 EUR
Youth FREE


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