20.06.2021 to 25.07.2021 | 18:00 | Performance

Beethoven goes public again

A musical performance project in the public space with drama students

A search for clues. Who was Beethoven beyond genius? What aspects can enable a person of today to access this myth? The revolutionary: coming from a humble background, he fought against social barriers and class arrogance throughout his life. Obsessed with the search for the perfect composition, he constantly tore his compositions apart and reassembled everything in order to transcend compositional boundaries. Despite deafness, he created some of his most significant works. Few letters tell of romantic feelings, fears, longings, doubts and hopes. A person who throughout his life searched for his place in society, bumped into hurdles of social strata and did not stop shaking them.
Students from the drama department of Alanus University will follow these traces under the choreographic direction of Ilona Pászthy. In cooperation with the Rheinbach Music School under the musical direction of Chritian Kreft-Schönewolf, a performance for the public space is being created that makes aspects of Beethoven's work perceptible and tangible.

Photographer: Benjamin Westhoff


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