06.02.2020 | Side programme

Beethoven – His Life and His Music

"True art is headstrong" is the slogan of an introductory lecture on "Beethoven – His Life and His Music”. The Stuttgart musicologist Ute Harbusch examines the composer's life and work within the context of his lifetime as a period of upheaval, and discerns the ideas and events that shaped his development.

It becomes clear that Beethoven was the first free composer in the history of music. Without any fixed professional relationships or patronages, he found livelihood and recognition through his art alone. At the same time he pointed music in a new, revolutionary direction with his confident and "headstrong" ways. The lecture is accompanied by audio samples of his chamber music and orchestral works, making the new "sound" that Beethoven brought to music a tangible experience.


Volkshochschule Fellbach
Eisenbahnstraße 23
70734 Fellbach

Admission prices

Admission: €5.00. Pupils and students free of charge.

Ticket information

VVK i-Punkt Fellbach
Telefon 0711/ 58 00 58


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