25.01.2020 to 23.06.2020 | Dance

Beethoven! (Premiere)

A ballet about Beethoven: choreographer Robert North shows us the creative artist, the ingenious composer with great ideas on current affairs and burdensome experiences in life, the vulnerable idealist clinging to the utopia of a better world, personified by a dancer, pianist and actor, and illuminates life-changing situations, embedded in an exciting chapter of European history.

Music: Beethoven, Bach, John Cage, André Parfenov


How well do we know Beethoven, can we relate to his fate and share his passion? Do we understand how he manages to capture the upheavals, frictions and contradictions of his time in tones, and transform them into musical structures, into touching, plaintive, evocative, powerful and fierce sounds?


Robert North’s new choreography brings back the immortal composer in an ingenious and imaginative way by personifying Beethoven with a dancer, pianist and actor – an original idea that opens up new creative possibilities. Alessandro Borghesani, André Parfenov and Michael Grosse are the protagonists who embody the genius, musician and human being Ludwig van Beethoven.


The choreographer illuminates the life-shaping biographical stations, embedded in the historical events between the French Revolution and the Congress of Vienna, which are condensed, reflected and exemplified in the person of Napoleon Bonaparte.


Beethoven is celebrated as a star by Viennese society; however, his success comes hand in hand with his loss of hearing, unfulfilled love and disillusioned political hopes. Robert North explores the tension between Beethoven's inner state of mind and his emotional moods. Excerpts from letters and documents such as the famous "Heiligenstadt Testament" provide further deep insights into his world of feelings and thoughts.


Beethoven's legacy has not yet been fulfilled. He remains convinced and adheres steadfastly to his credo of the European ideal, even against the passage of time: peace, freedom and human kindness. His message is universal: Be embraced, you millions!


Theater Krefeld
Theaterplatz 3
47798 Krefeld

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ab 22 €

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Theaterkasse Krefeld,
Theaterplatz 3, 47798 Krefeld, Germany
Tel.: +49 2151 805-125


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