12.10.2019 to 31.07.2022 | Exhibition

Beethoven Tour

A multimedia tour of stations with different themes and aspects on Ludwig van Beethoven brings the composer “back to life” in a public setting. The use of incisive elements at various locations in Bonn and the Rhine-Sieg District presents Beethoven to visitors, as well as the people of Bonn and the region, in a new way.

The Beethoven Tour is the central project of “Bonn Cosmopolitan”, one of the five main themes of BTHVN2020, and also has a sustainable orientation, as it is planned to also maintain the tour after 2020.

The new barrier-free concept aims to visualise BTHVN2020 under the titles "Beethoven Story" (City of Bonn) and "Beethoven Region" (Rhine-Sieg District) using large BTHVN stelae at 22 predetermined Beethoven sites in the city and Rhine-Sieg District. They consist of two basic elements: a 2.5 m high media element with a square base (0.5 x 0.5 m) and a flatter (information) stela of the same height. The letters of the logo on the media element are extruded and backlit. The four viewers on two sides of the element present short animated films on the respective site in three languages. The fourth side with visuals and illustrations provides information on the station, the tour and digital offers. The side with the letters of the BTHVN logo, and the side with the visuals and illustrations light up in the dark.

Content is provided using a low-threshold, barrier-free digital offer and is image-oriented with atmospheric sound and faded in text. The sound is activated by sensors and only audible when a person stands directly in front of the media element. Additional content is provided via a web app. As with the media element, the information stela also has a flush-mounted, mirrored side. The opposite side contains visuals and illustrations with information on the history of Beethoven and the station. The stela also works with all digital interfaces (NFC, Bluetooth Beacon and QR Code).


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