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Punctually on December 16, 2019, the Literaturhaus Bonn started the »BeethovenBot«: a Twitter project, in cooperation with the Beethoven-Haus Bonn and funded by BTHVN2020, which is active throughout the anniversary year:




The Literaturhaus Bonn (Bonn Literature House) is launching its “BeethovenBot” Twitter project on 16 December 2019 just in time for the Anniversary Year. The BeethovenBot is a virtual presence of Ludwig van Beethoven provided in cooperation with the Beethoven-Haus Bonn (Beethoven House) and funded by BTHVN2020. It will be active throughout the Anniversary Year and use the composer’s letters and conversation books to create a social media profile who’s tweets are sometimes tender, sometimes pithy and always surprising. And it is not restricted to historical representations alone, but will also function in the form of entertaining interaction ("I refuse to tolerate any misunderstandings of my joke!") with authors of the present and interested parties of all (digital) worlds. The bot activates itself, responds to the events of the anniversary year and answers questions. The tweets are thereby original Beethoven quotes from a text pool of recorded Beethoven writings.

The bot will also be visible beyond the virtual world with Twitter windows on the homepages of the Beethoven Jubiläums Gesellschaft, Beethoven-Haus and Literaturhaus Bonn, and Twitter walls (screens displaying feeds) in public places.

The man behind the bot is the author and literature promoter Tilman Strasser, who has been commissioned by the Literaturhaus Bonn to edit the texts, guide the narrative throughout the year and also manage short-term interactions. Strasser was born in 1984 and studied violin at the Richard Strauss Conservatory in Munich and creative writing at the University of Hildesheim. In 2015 he published a novel titled “Hasenmeister” on the world of classical music. He has also worked in communication and programmes for the Literaturhaus Köln (Cologne Literature House).


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