18.07.2020 to 25.07.2020

Beethoven's Birthday Bash

"Beethoven's Birthday Bash": On the initiative of the Essen-based E-MEX Ensemble, seven composers from a predominantly younger generation are confronting the enduring "Beethoven myth" and its countless narratives, which have been gratefully staged by posterity. Does the "deadly influence of the composer" (John Cage) still have an effect even in contemporary composition?


After the cancellation of three concerts in Cologne, Essen and Wuppertal due to the coronavirus pandemic, E-MEX plans the visual realisation of the new compositions by Annesley Black, Mio Chareteau, Sara Glojnarić, Erik Janson, Johannes Kreidler, David Moss and Manos Tsangaris in a film production directed by Joachim Schloemer and based on an idea by Anne-Sophie Raemy and Joachim Schloemer.

The film "Beethoven's Birthday Bash" (working title) has its own artistic value and therefore follows its own aesthetic considerations related to this form and its design; it is not a mere documentation or even a filming of a concert. Under the direction of director Joachim Schloemer, the flexibly configurable sacred space of the Kreuzeskirche Essen with all its ancillary and working rooms, the auditorium, the organ loft, the foyer and the bell tower will become the setting for a staged concert performance, which is intended as a critical tribute to the composer on the occasion of his 250th birthday.

The result:

Rhythmically structured, spatial-architectural and musical arrangement of the various compositions - No plot lines - Each composition stands for itself - Hard contrast through black and white imagery - Abstract reference spaces

Idea: Anne-Sophie Raemy, Joachim Schloemer

Director: Joachim Schloemer

Performers: David Moss, John

Kreidler, E-MEX Ensemble

Camera: Edwin Krieg

camera assistance: Florian Dittel

Light: Mathias Schmidt

Sound: Jörn Nettingsmeier

Set: Anne-Sophie Raemy

Costumes: Violetta von der Heydt

Production management: Jonathan Saretz

After shooting, the film will go into post production and is scheduled for completion in October 2020. A timely release is planned and can be found under the events of the E-MEX Ensemble.


Kreuzeskirche Essen
Kreuzeskirchstr. 16
45127 Essen

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