20.11.2020 to 21.11.2020


What can a Bonn worth living look like for everyone?


As a conclusion of the BonnUtopia project we want to come together again in the BonnUtopiaWerkstatt and spin utopias together.


rhizom e.V.

At the BonnUtopiaWerkstatt we bring the discussed topics together and develop visionary ideas and images together. Therefore invite with YOUR ideas. It's all about being creative, diverse perspectives to design and to try it out together. The utopia machine will also reveal some secrets and insights. Everything that arises from it, is also captured by a draftswoman and then presented in an exhibition.


Friday, 18.00h to 21.00h

Saturday 11.00h to 18.00h

Lunch and childcare will be provided.


Alte VHS
Kasernenstraße 50
53111 Bonn

Admission prices

no entry


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