28.05.2020 | Lecture

BTHVN2020 | Detmold: Beethoven | Spaces. Digital Lecture Series

Beethoven's music plays, shapes, occupies and forms spaces; spaces create and amplify resonances, and are windows to history and the future, shaping communication and interaction. The public lecture series organized by the Musicology Seminar of the Detmold University of Music (Hochschule für Musik Detmold) and the University of Paderborn (Universität Paderborn) uses a cultural-scientific and open-metaphorical concept of “space” as the basis for sounding out such dimensions in both concrete and abstract perspectives.


The lecture series uses lectures, presentations and subsequent audience discussions to convey to a broad public, as well as the students, the methods and models of contemporary and international musicology, which considers itself cultural science, and as such, no longer asks only about the masters and their works, but also explores the real musical action spaces and concrete relationships with music.

The spectrum of lectures ranges from the interplay of concert hall acoustics and historical performance practice, to the role of Beethoven's music as inspiration and material for composers during the 19th, 20th and 21st centuries, and all the way to Beethoven's presence in art and the cultural public space, for example, in the form of monuments. Beethoven’s sketches and working manuscripts, as creative spaces for writing and thinking, are as much a topic as is the composer as a figure in pop culture and reference for contemporary composing. The concept and overall direction are provided by Prof. Dr. Andreas Münzmay and Dr. Vera Grund.


Thursday 14 May: Between cover version, hip hop beats and mashup: Beethoven in the pop culture “space”

Prof. Dr. Thomas Krettenauer (University of Paderborn, Music and Music Didactics)

The lecture takes an analytical look at the important stages of Beethoven’s reception in pop music and attempts to reconstruct, for example, how new BTHVN images, expressive gestures and commemorative cultural resonance spaces emerge or have emerged through the clash or fusion of historical-cultural contrasting sound spheres.

Photo: © Laiotz, Source: Adobe Stock


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