12.12.2020 | Concert

BTHVN2020 | Detmold: Mosaics I

Mosaics is an annual festival in which students and teachers at the Detmold University of Music (Hochschule für Musik Detmold) prepare and perform chamber music works together on stage. The festival has set itself an ambitious goal for 2020: the concert performance of all of Beethoven’s piano trios, likely complemented by the presentation of a selection of Beethoven's Scottish songs for voice, violin, cello and piano.


If the piano trios of Haydn and Mozart still had a predominantly subordinate, social function and were characterized by the dominance of the piano part over the string parts, then the piano trio bore its first fruit as a genre with Beethoven. Beethoven’s piano trios are in no way inferior to his string quartets; all eleven are characterized by a great creative ambition and allow for a wonderfully crystallized view of the essence of the composer’s first two creative periods.

The first three trios were composed in 1795, only three years after the 25-year-old composer moved from Bonn to Vienna. Beethoven’s titling of these works with op. 1 illustrates the significance that the composer attributed to the piano trio genre. His final piano trio, the great Archduke Trio of 1811, was written in the same year as the 7th Symphony, three years before the end of his second creative period. Beethoven sets entirely new standards with his piano trios right from the start, making it both wise and necessary to divide the genre into "before Beethoven" and "after Beethoven".

Artistic Director: Prof. Alexander Gebert

Photo: vertyr, Quelle: Adobe Stock


Brahms-Saal der Hochschule für Musik Detmold
Neustadt 22
32756 Detmold

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