23.10.2021 to 23.10.2021 | Concert

BuJazzO / Klaus Doldinger's Passport

Germany's best jazz youngsters meet the heart project of a living legend in a double concert.


German Jazz Orchestra (BuJazzO)

Virtuosity, the art of improvisation and sheer joy of playing have been hallmarks of the musicians of the German Jazz Orchestra for over three decades. In Bonn, the world-class ensemble will give us a first taste of its new artistic director Ansgar Striepens.

The programme titled “Dreams and Realities” shows Striepens' roots in European music tradition and includes references to Beethoven, Bach, Handel, Bartók and Hindemith. His dealings with psychology, philosophy, art and literature also flow into his music. “Dreams and Realities” is a fascinating journey into the world of contemporary big band music that carries the torch of tradition beyond traditional boundaries.


Ansgar Striepens – Artistic Director


Klaus Doldinger's Passport

Millions of Germans know the music of Klaus Doldinger, even if they are often not familiar with his name. Many of his roughly 2,000 compositions have made history, for example, his music for Wolfgang Petersen's film Das Boot or the intro to the German television’s Tatort crime series. Doldinger is a living legend with over two million sold records and over six decades performing on international stages. The Passport ensemble is a project close to his heart: breath-taking solos, the funky Hammond organ sound and Doldinger’s distinctive stirring saxophone melodies make Passport a unique presence in the international jazz world.

Klaus Doldinger – Director, Saxophone

Martin Scales – Guitar

Michael Hornek – Keyboard

Patrick Scales – Bass

Christian Lettner – Drums

Biboul Darouiche – Percussion

Ernst Ströer – Percussion


Telekom Forum
Landgrabenweg 151
53227 Bonn

Admission prices

Tickets for the opening concert:
Category A: €45.00, discounted €31.00
Category B: €38.00, discounted €26.00
Category C: €30.00, discounted €21.00
excl. advance booking fees


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