25.09.2021 to 25.09.2021 | 11:00 | Festival

Burscheid meets Beethoven

A whole district follows the footsteps of the visionary composer Ludwig van Beethoven. The Rheinisch-Bergische District with its municipalities of Bergisch Gladbach, Burscheid, Kürten, Leichlingen and Odenthal has developed a colourful Beethoven programme that is as heterogeneous as the region’s cultural landscape. There is some Beethoven here for everyone. Come and celebrate with us.

The Musicalische Academie 1812 zu Burscheid, Germany’s oldest amateur orchestra, is one of the co-organizers of the concert.


The members of an interdisciplinary working group in the City of Burscheid have planned a day that will be like a big city festival – dedicated entirely to BEETHOVEN. The Burscheid choirs, the Burscheid Music School, the Musicalische Academie zu Burscheid, the church musicians, the City Library and various visual artists have come up with a diverse programme, where Beethoven literally resonates throughout the city and his life and work can be explored everywhere. It is important to the many co-organizers to ensure that everyone can participate and they have therefore ensured low-threshold access with all sorts of free events all over the small town. Among other things, they have planned concerts, a ballet, organ music, several renditions by music schools, as well as music and other performances in public areas. Beethoven everywhere!

Music: There will be an offer of free (choir) concerts and public performances as well as public rehearsals.

Literature: The Burscheid City Library is participating in the festival by presenting literature on Beethoven.

Creative design of public spaces: The waymarkings will be just as graphic: Note sheets with the BTHVN2020 logo on the streets between the venues point to the venues.

Fine Arts: The "Art in the Shop Window" (Kunst im Schaufenster) exhibition by Burscheid amateur artists will open with works on the topic of "BTHVN 2020" on this day.

Drama: Beethoven actors in full costume will offer insights to the life of the composer at various stations.

The events will take place throughout the city centre between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. The other co-organizers of the event in addition to the Musicalische Academie are the Burscheid Cultural Association (Kulturverein Burscheid e.V.) and the Burscheid Music School.


Höhestraße 5
51399 Haus der Kunst u.a.

Admission prices

Admission to the planned events is free of charge.

Ticket information

No tickets are required.


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