16.10.2020 to 01.11.2020 | Exhibition

CALM SEA – an Artistic Discourse on the Life and Work of a Genius

Exhibition from 16.10. (opening) to 1.11.2020

participating artists:

Mechthild Debbert-Hoffmann, Margareta Detering, Danisa Glusevic Ferreira, Sibylle Gröne, Katja Kölle, Mariele Koschmieder, Jan Masa, Wilfred H.G. Neuse, Christiane Rath, Knut Reinhardt, Klaus Stecher, Lili Yuan

Curated by: Karin Dörre


Ludwig van Beethoven was a German composer of the Viennese Classicism and known worldwide. He is one of the greatest musicians of all times, because his compositions are considered timeless.
How do artists today view the life and work of Beethoven?
Beethoven was a musical visionary who broke through the genre boundaries of his time and set new standards with his compositions.
Beethoven loved nature. For Beethoven, nature was both a place of relaxation and a source of inspiration. However, industrialisation, which began during Beethoven's lifetime, triggered environmental destruction that continues to this day and the consequences of which cannot yet be foreseen.
Beethoven was a humanist. As a follower of the French Revolution, Beethoven implemented the values of freedom, equality and brotherhood in his life and addressed them in his music. Art and life according to humanistic values were for
him an inseparable unit.
Twelve visual artists, all members of the BBK Düsseldorf, are invited to explore Beethoven's life and work and to draw a bow to the present.
You and your friends are cordially invited to the exhibition opening on Friday, 16 October 2020 at 7:30 pm!

Introduction: Eric Blanke, art historian
Music contribution: Beethovenswing with Haaner Swing Express
Accompanying programme:
- Friday. 23.10.2020 5 p.m. Special tour for art lovers with Eric Blanke. Please register: bbk@bbk-kunstforum.de
- Concert on Saturday, 31.10.2020 from 16 hrs. Matchbox: Friederike Imhorst (viola) and Nils Imhorst (double bass). Please register: bbk@bbk-kunstforum.de
A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.
Opening hours:
Fri /Sa / Sun from 3 pm to 6 pm


BBK Kunstforum Düsseldorf
Birkenstr. 47
40233 Düsseldorf

Admission prices

Admission to the exhibition and the entire programme is free of charge

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