20.08.2021 | Concert Format

CARPE MUSICAM - building a bridge between young and old

Images from times long past... Join us as we immerse ourselves in Beethoven’s life: Beethoven’s music in the park and dancers in historical costumes. However, they will not be greeted by classical music: They will hear modern interpretations of Beethoven by jazz pianist Marcus Schinkel and the student band of the neighbouring Alexander von Humboldt Grammar School.


We create spaces for young and old, and experience music as a builder of bridges. Beethoven becomes a shared experience. Let us challenge the traditional clichés of “the old listen to classical music” and “the young listen to pop music”. Join us in bridging the generation gap with Beethoven’s music. A detailed programme is to follow.


Senioren Wohnstift Beethoven
Siefenfeldchen 39
53332 Bornheim

Admission prices

You are also welcome to order your tickets by phone, 02222 730.

Ticket information

Tickets for 5, - € at the reception of the Wohnstift Beethoven.


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