07.09.2021 | 20:00

Choir Fantasy, the Ninth

Cyprien Katsaris piano

Etsuko Hirose piano


Works by Ludwig van Beethoven


He placed only one work alongside Beethoven's Ninth Symphony as another "supreme monument of human culture": Dante's "Divine Comedy". Before Liszt set about the two-handed transmission of the choral symphony, he had already made a version for two pianos. For a long time, however, he was plagued by the problem: should the Schiller texts, recited and cheered by soloists and choir, really remain silent? Only after persistent doubts did he manage to add the fully transcribed choral finale. Hans von Bülow faced the same problem in his transcription of the so-called "Choral Fantasy". His only advantage: he was able to take over the solemn prologue of the solo piano true to the score.


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