25.09.2020 | 19:30

ELEONORE - I don't need to be happy, 1st date

Liberation Opera

"I can still be happy" - sings Leonore in Beethoven's opera FIDELIO. This single, a capella phrase, is the starting point for a radical questioning and reinterpretation of the work. What does individual happiness mean? What is liberation? Based on Beethoven's opera, Leonore's story is rewritten and set to music. A performative-musical search for the essence of happiness and freedom is translated into various contemporary sound languages.

Leonore disguises herself as Fidelio to free her lover from unjust imprisonment. The mission succeeds, the man is released, the woman stands firmly by his side and everyone can "be happy"...

But doesn't what ends in Beethoven's "Fidelio" in the Song of Songs of Spousal Love need to be radically questioned today? Far away from daily political updates, the new interpretation reads ELEONORE - I don't need to be happy. Beethoven's only opera as a story about the relationship of people within a rigid system. As in the original, the focus is on Leonore, who tries to liberate her husband across all boundaries, but increasingly asks herself who she is actually liberating and from what? 'I will be happy' she sings longingly with Beethoven. But what is hidden behind this future happiness? Is it what she can really wish for? What does the system have in store for a woman like her? And what kind of artist? Where is room for the other? The beyond of convention? Where the real liberation from an almighty male system takes place?

Further dates: 26.09./27.09. 2020 Cologne; 30.10.2020 Mönchengladbach

Composition: Oxana Omelchuk, Gordon Kampe and DJ Illvibe

Libretto: Charlotte Roos

Musical direction: Susanne Blumenthal

Idea, concept, direction: Frauke Meyer

Stage and costume: Uta Materne

Lighting design: Nico Kraeima

Dramaturgy: Friederike Engel

Eleonore: Maja Lange

Daughter: Marie Audrey Schatz

Director: Frederik Schauhoff

Prisoner hero: Benjamin Popson

Father/Candidate: Michael Taylor

Ensemble: MAM.manufaktur for contemporary music

Sound control: Florian Zwißler


Carlswerk Victoria
Schanzenstraße 6-20, Gebäude 3.12
51063 Köln

Admission prices

Regular: 22,00 Euro
Reduced: 14,00 Euro

Ticket information

Admission via Club Volta, Building 2.10

We would like to point out that we may adapt the admission and performance modalities to the current Corona Protection Ordinance at short notice.


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6-20, Building 3.12
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