02.02.2020 | Opera


The first new Fidelio production of the year 2020! Director Volker Lösch develops his projects together with local residents, an approach that will ensure that this Fidelio has a high level of civic participation and will make it a unique and dazzling event.


The first FIDELIO performance of 2020 will be very closely followed, not least because it is being performed in the composer’s hometown.

The working method of the director Volker Lösch, who always develops his projects with local talent and promotes existing pieces, will ensure that the citizens of Bonn are well involved in this performance of FIDELIO. This project ideal defines not only the singular moment of the premiere evening, but every single performance.

Director Volker Lösch has formulated his credo as follows: “I find art, without a connection to the outside, to the time that I live in, meaningless.” An opera such as FIDELIO, with its great humanistic aspirations, will break away from the alleged historicity and become part of the present in 2020.

As with his drama productions, at the theatres such as the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg, the Staatsschauspiel Dresden or the Theater Bonn, Lösch will incorporate the present into the supposedly historic with the inclusion of citizens’ choirs. The Bonn FIDELIO 2020 will mark a singular event of considerable vibrancy already at the beginning of the year.


Opernhaus Bonn
Boeselagerhof 1
53111 Bonn

Admission prices

114,40 € (PG1) - 11,-€ (PG V)


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