17.12.2021 to 21.02.2022 | Opera

Fidelio is Silent.

Composer Charlotte Seither and librettist and director Hermann Schneider abandon performance traditions and rigid forms to tell another story of Beethoven's "Fidelio". Leonore lays down the role of Fidelio and we hear the story of her liberation, independence and development into a strong, contemporary character, who becomes the prerequisite for a change in the world. New compositions by Charlotte Seither provide a contrast, commentary and opening to Beethoven's famous opera.


Beethoven's "Fidelio" opera is a solitary piece on the theatre stages of the world; something that other operas had to establish over the course of their performance history was true for “Fidelio” from the start: the opera takes place in the here and now. The problems and contradictions in the piece, with which Beethoven already struggled, however, remain: the text, narrative style, historical form of theatre, characters and spoken dialogues set strict limits for any attempt at a contemporary review. That will now change: allowing Beethoven's longstanding struggle with the opera subject and genre to be taken one step further, so that the concept does not remain rigid, but gains transitional quality like the content.

Composer Charlotte Seither and librettist and director Hermann Schneider will attempt to re-tell the story of the opera from today's perspective. Leonore is at the centre of everything. In “Fidelio is Silent”, disguise and pretending to be a man are things of the past. Leonore no longer needs to pretend to be someone else. As a contemporary character, her deed goes beyond the mere "faithful love of her husband", as Leonore is herself an independent subject. The liberation that the opera tells of is first and foremost her new path, because she will emerge from the plot as another. The determination and affirmation of her actions means that her path also changes the people and world around her.

Composer Charlotte Seither is one of the most distinguished composers of today and takes a very close look at Ludwig van Beethoven's work on the occasion of the 2020 Beethoven Anniversary Year. In “Fidelio is Silent” she composes music for new texts by Hermann Schneider in Beethoven’s opera, as they attempt to provide a contemporary opening, commentary and perspective to the structure of Beethoven's work.


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