18.09.2020 | Dance


With the Beethoven triptych FLUT, Cologne Opera, Duisburg Philharmonic, choreographer Emanuele Soavi with his ensemble and the electronic composers Wolfgang Voigt and Stefan Bohne continue their artistic collaboration and, starting with the 7th Symphony and continuing with the String Quartet No. 8 to an electronic new composition, create a scenic field of tension of contrasts between collective and individuality, instinct and functionality, utopia and reality.


FLUT is designed as a triptych. It juxtaposes two of Beethoven's key works with an electronic new composition and thus spans a wide musical arc from the 7th Symphony to the String Quartet No. 8 and on to a new work that takes up fragments of both Beethoven works and transforms them into new sounds and sound tracks. 
In three scenically and aesthetically very different parts, inspired by Beethoven's personality and path of life, the draft of a universe of the I is conveyed, which raises existential questions, has to face the fear of the unknown and has to be repositioned again and again: The I as a social and societal being, as a unique creative individual and as the bearer of undreamt-of inner worlds. 
Beethoven's untiring drive for artistic renewal and his dissecting, even visionary view of the social and political movements of his epoch give his work a monumental force. This idea of constant change, of the juxtaposition of opposites essentially determines the artistic realisation on stage. Both the stage itself and the personnel that populate it, as well as the quality of their movements, will take on new shape, size and form in each of the individual parts, thus creating contemporary images for the multifaceted I in a modern society that is in a state of upheaval and change. 


Theater Duisburg
Opernplatz (Neckarstraße 1)
47051 Duisburg

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