03.09.2021 | 20:00 | Concert

Fugue, Variations and "Serynade"

Marino Formenti piano


Works by Ludwig van Beethoven, Anton Webern and Helmut Lachenmann


Does a path lead from the penultimate Beethoven sonata to Webern and Lachenmann? Can all this be thought of together in the course of a concentrated piano recital: the sonata, which after lamenting Ariosi is taken up to the crowning fugue, the precisely measured variations with their crystalline tone rows and the "Serynade" (which owes its Ypsilon to the initials of Lachenmann's wife, the pianist Yukiko Sugawara) juggling with sophisticated harmonics, fine echoes and iridescent sound fields? Marino Formenti, the Milanese composer living in Vienna, undoubtedly has the virtuoso playing techniques at his disposal to help these ever wilful pieces achieve the appropriate effect. A piano lesson of a special kind!


Beethoven-Haus Bonn
Bonngasse 20
53111 Bonn

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€ 32

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