21.10.2020 to 21.10.2020 | 19:00 | Lecture

German-Kurdish Cultural Exchange

"1001 Beats between Bonn and Babylon" (1001 Takt zwischen Bonn und Babylon) is a transcultural music project with a total of 45 interactive offers, workshops and events. It promotes intercultural encounters and social coexistence in diversity by building musical bridges between the Orient and Occident. The focus is on putting together an ensemble of German and “Oriental” musicians, and practicing integration through music.


7 pm - 9 pm
The German Orientalist Martin Hartmann and Kurdish Culture

The Kurds are grateful to many foreign explorers and orientalists, because their contributions and explorations have enriched the national cultural existence of the Kurds.
The German Orientalist Martin Hartmann (1851 - 1918) is one of those who played an important role in this field.
One encounters the name M. Hartmann in Kurdology when dealing with Kurdish classical literature and language. Whoever reads his works feels that he had a respectful attitude towards the Kurds. He read in Kurdish and knew character of the Kurds.

Dr. Hussein Habasch was born in Afrin/Syria. He studied journalism at the Lomonosov University in Moscow and received his doctorate there in 1983; Dr. phil. (PhD) Hussein Habasch moved to Germany in 1984. He lives and works in Bonn.
He has published more than 23 books in Kurdish, Arabic, Russian, German and numerous articles and has given lectures in Germany and abroad.
Some of his poems have been translated into 24 languages.
The poet was president of the Kurdish PEN Center e.V. from 1993-1996. He was a member of the Association of German Writers (VS).

This event is a further activity of the project "1001 Takt zwischen Bonn und Babylon". Based on the networks, offers and measures of the project, an intercultural music ensemble will be formed, motivated and promoted in the course of the Beethoven anniversary year 2020 with interested participants* in the target group. The ensemble will work on a song repertoire that includes traditional and modern Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Kurdish songs as well as transcultural song arrangements and connections with works by Beethoven and other German composers.



MIGRApolis - Haus der Vielfalt
Brüdergasse 16-18
53111 Bonn

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Due to the current Corona regulations, only a limited number of guests can participate in the events. Therefore, please register in advance by e-mail - haddad@bimev.de

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Flyer: https://migrapolis.de/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/Kulturabende-1001-Takt-Flyer-6seiten_Update_20201007.pdf


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