18.12.2020 to 16.05.2021 | Exhibition

Hannah Arendt and the 20th century

The 20th century cannot be understood without Hannah Arendt.

Amos Elon, journalist and writer


Hannah Arendt (1906-1975) was one of the sharpest political thinkers of her epoch. She took a controversial and stubborn stand on events of her time. In her judgments she did not follow any tradition or political direction. "Thinking without railings," she called it.

The Jewish publicist who fled from National Socialist Germany had a decisive influence on two central concepts: "total domination" and "banality of evil". She wrote about anti-Semitism, the situation of refugees, the Eichmann trial, Zionism, the political system and racial segregation in the USA, as well as student protests and feminism.

None of the topics is complete. Thus the exhibition shows a life and work that reflects the history of the 20th century and is still full of explosive power today. The presentation is not biographical, but sheds light on Arendt as a public intellectual: the controversies she led, the insights she produced, the errors she was subject to. Again and again, Hannah Arendt's theses challenge our own judgment, even in current political contexts, especially at a time when democracy in many places around the world is in danger of being undermined.

An exhibition of the German Historical Museum in cooperation with the Bundeskunsthalle


Helmut-Kohl-Allee 4
53113 Bonn

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