03.09.2021 to 05.09.2021 | Festival

HUMANITY. The green festival

Welcome to the present: For three days, the festival "MENSCHLICHKEIT. The Green Festival" is dedicated to the question: How sustainable, climate-conscious and socially fair can the music industry be? In artistic, theoretical and interactive formats, the musicians of the Hanover-based orchestra musica assoluta invite you to listen, discuss and try things out.

"Oh man, help yourself!" - Ludwig van Beethoven

Originally planned for the Beethoven anniversary year, "MENSCHLICHKEIT. The Green Festival" reflects on Beethoven's music and confronts it with the major social issues of the 21st century: human rights, sustainability and the future. Climate justice, nature conservation and society. Together with international soloists and composers as well as experts from politics and society, the festival will offer a varied programme ranging from concert to lecture, participatory performance and discussion round to club concert.

"We want change and the best way to achieve it is to start with ourselves. - Thorsten Encke

There is an urgent need for action on climate protection issues. This statement is already more of a phrase than the outcry it should be. With this festival, musica assoluta not only wants to set an example and draw attention to the fact that there is a need to make cultural festivals sustainable in all respects. Much more, the musicians want to dare to organise this festival themselves in a way that is as climate-friendly and low-emission as possible. In doing so, they are embarking on a new path of reflective cultural creation and consumption for themselves as musicians, festival organisers and people, as well as with all those involved - from guest artists to technicians and speakers to the audience.

"MENSCHLICHKEIT. The Green Festival" wants to be a lively social-artistic exchange. It does not only want to celebrate the reopening of the cultural sector, but to use the crisis we are coming out of as a stimulus for reflection and change. To this end, a platform of aesthetic education will be created in lectures, discussion rounds and interactive formats, enabling interested people from a wide range of disciplines to engage with social and ecological sustainability.

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Tickets 27,-/reduced 17,- EUR

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Start: Tuesday, 20.07.2021

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