27.04.2021 | 19:30 | Concert Format

It had to be – Almost a Love Story – Musical Theatre

The new musical theatre play by Solveig Palm illuminates the life and music of a supposedly immortal composer from within using authentic letters, reports and life situations. And of course using the music: from the Adagio to the Con Brio, and the Appassionata to the "Distant Beloved".


The immortal beloved – everyone has heard of her. Today there is a wide consensus as to her identity and who was Beethoven's great love, but why did she not answer the famous letter? Why was it found in a secret compartment of his desk after his death? Did he never send it? Did she return it? Why? What would she have answered to the many questions in the letter? And, are we even allowed to do this, to reduce the life of an artist as significant as Beethoven to his "great love"? We are, according to Netzwerk Ludwig van B., because the topic is great feelings, just like with Beethoven's music. How the two are combined can be experienced in Solveig Palm’s latest play, which, as always, stays very close to the historical truth. The play is directed by the theatre’s very own highly capable Nikolaus Büchel, who is loved by artists and audiences alike for his musical sensitivity and ironic freshness. Netzwerk Ludwig van B. breaks new ground with its line-up: In addition to the young performers and singers from Netzwerk Ludwig van B., the 22-year-old pianist Nima Mirkhoshhal, student of Pierre-Laurent Aimard at the Cologne University of Music (Musikhochschule Köln) will plays Beethoven in both senses.

Photo: Andreas Petermeier


MS Beethoven (Schiff)
Brassertufer Liegeplatz 5
53111 Bonn

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Tickets: €19.00, reduced €9.00

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Reservations requested: info@LudwigvanB.de


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