07.07.2019 | Concert

Joseph Haydn: The Creation

Beethoven during the Beethoven Anniversary Year – but what came before it? Haydn and Beethoven met in Bonn 227 years ago and agreed on Beethoven's second study trip to Vienna, where he would become Haydn’s master student.

When Haydn made stop in Bonn on 17 July 1792 on his return from a trip to England, the 21-year-old Beethoven played for Haydn. A second study visit to Vienna by Beethoven was agreed upon. With Mozart having already passed away, Beethoven’s patron von Waldstein wrote that Beethoven would receive "Mozart's Spirit from Haydn's Hands". In November of the same year Beethoven left for Vienna to become Haydn's master student. In the early days of his work Beethoven still followed Haydn and Mozart closely until he found his very own style.

The Philharmonic Choir of the City of Bonn (Philharmonischer Chor der Stadt Bonn) will dedicate its last concert of the 2018/2019 season, just before the Beethoven Anniversary Year, to Joseph Haydn, whose compositional practice influenced both Mozart and Beethoven.

Sunday 7 July 2019, 6:00 pm, Collegiate Church Bonn (Stiftskirche Bonn)

Joseph Haydn: Die Schöpfung

Anja Petersen, Gabriel

Patrick Grahl, Uriel

Magnus Piontek, Raphael

Annika Boos, Eva

Frederik Schauhoff, Adam

Philharmonic Choir of Bonn

Concerto con Anima, Ingeborg Scheerer, concertmaster

Paul Krämer, Conductor


Stiftskirche Bonn
53111 Bonn
Kölnstraße 31

Admission prices

Regular Price 25 EUR
Reduced 18 EUR

Ticket information

Tickets at 25 (reduced 18) EUR available through our online ticketing system.


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