01.09.2020 to 27.09.2020 | Festival


KLANGZEIT MÜNSTER is a biennial contemporary music festival organized by Münster Society for New Music (Gesellschaft für Neue Musik Münster e.V.) since 2000. The composers Alwynne Pritchard (GB/N) and Huihui Cheng (D/CHN) have each been commissioned to compose two works for the 2020 edition of the KLANGZEIT MÜNSTER festival. They will each explore the concepts of liberty, equality and fraternity in two pieces: one installation and one ensemble.

Huihui Cheng works, among other things, with interactive technologies that allow the audience to shape the music. The possibility to influence the end melodical result with one’s own smartphone will play a role in both an installation and a composition. The composer:

“In this project we have the opportunity to make the thoughts of the listeners audible. They all have the opportunity to log into a server with their smartphones and to determine the further development of the music. The audience is mobile and wanders between five groups of musicians. In addition, the smartphones also produce sounds.

A democratic process emerges within the spirit of liberty, fraternity and equality, in which the audience not only accepts the composer's previously made decisions, but can also actively participate in shaping the music.”

In her new work for the Münster consord ensemble, Alwynne Pritchard addresses the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity within the context of musical practice, interaction and performance. Pritchard has often used techniques such as video or audio scores in her works, which require the musicians to investigate certain bodily states and actions. In fact, the term "investigate" is central to Pritchard's more recent work, in which she has worked with musicians to create soundscapes in which they act as performers, free of their determination.

The integration of non-musicians plays a significant role in Pritchard's work (e.g. Regnsvart or Stamp Club Report 1980). In her new work for consord, Alwynne Pritchard continues with the "investigations" mentioned above, working in close cooperation with the musicians. The same material will be used to create a performative installation for amateurs and non-musicians.


Theater im Pumpenhaus
Gartenstraße 123
48147 Münster

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