26.09.2020 to 26.09.2020 | 10:00 | Workshop

Lecture on Kurdish Songs

"1001 Beats between Bonn and Babylon" (1001 Takt zwischen Bonn und Babylon) is a transcultural music project with a total of 45 interactive offers, workshops and events. It promotes intercultural encounters and social coexistence in diversity by building musical bridges between the Orient and Occident. The focus is on putting together an ensemble of German and “Oriental” musicians, and practicing integration through music.


10:00 - 5:00 pm

All-day workshop for teaching modern and traditional Turkish songs with room for improvisation. The focus is thereby on making music together and a joy for music.

This workshop is suited to advanced and amateur musicians with an ear for oriental music. The aim is not necessarily "authentic" reproduction, but rather playing and improvisation-based connection. No prior knowledge of this genre of music is required.

Sheet music and sample recordings are provided. Participants may play by notes or ear.


Bassem Hawar - www.bassemhawar.com

Mehmet Akbas - www.mehmetakbas.info

The event is one of the activities organized by the "1001 Beats between Bonn and Babylon" project. During the course of the 2020 Beethoven Anniversary Year, the project will be building on its networks, offers and measures to form, motivate and promote an intercultural music ensemble composed of interested participants from the target group. The ensemble will prepare a repertoire of songs that will include traditional and modern Arabic, Turkish, Persian and Kurdish songs, as well as transcultural song arrangements and connections with works by Beethoven and other German songs.

The workshops are connected and build on one another. It is therefore recommended to attend all of the workshops in order to become part of the “1001 Beats Ensemble”.

Further information is available at: www.migrapolis.de



MIGRApolis - Haus der Vielfalt
Brüdergasse 16-18
53111 Bonn

Admission prices

Participation is free of charge; however, binding registration is requested as the number of places is limited.

Please register with
Saman Haddad


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