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Konrad Beikircher Reading: #Beethoven – dat dat dat darf!

The Rhenish cabaret artist Konrad Beikircher tells witty, humorous and knowledgeable stories about the jubilarian Ludwig van Beethoven.

Ludwig van Beethoven accompanied him from childhood. Two piano-playing older brothers (one of whom went on to become an excellent pianist) played for the three-year-old listening under the piano. He was also allowed to sing along to Beethoven with his alto boy’s voice, for example, the heartbreaking "I love you like you love me". Then came his violin studies, the move to Bonn (because of Ludwig, of course), and the minor in musicology with the Beethoven veteran Prof. Schmidt-Görg. It is no wonder that Konrad Beikircher has remained faithful to the great Ludwig throughout his entire life. The Rhenish cabaret artist and Beethoven expert therefore has a lot to tell. About the man Ludwig van Beethoven in everyday life. About his money juggling, about the belligerent employer, about his nomadic renting, about the helicopter uncle, about the ever in love, about the one who got engaged to a Bonn woman in Vienna, about the drinker, about the one who turned deaf and suspicious, about the Rhenish rascal, about the cunning one who blackmailed princes, about the composer who would have liked to be a cook and so on and so forth.

Konrad Beikircher tells witty, humorous and knowledgeable stories about the composer and he knows what he is talking about . Despite all his expertise, he does not shy away from shrill punch lines, because Ludwig van Beethoven, with all due respect and admiration, was also one thing: a likeable comic figure full of Rhenish abysses!



Arp Museum Bahnhof Rolandseck
Hans-Arp-Allee 1
53424 Remagen

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Tickets: €23.00
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