14.12.2019 to 22.12.2019 | Performance

Light art project

Entwurf Felix Müller

Illuminations and large light sculptures create fascinating images on the five key themes of B-T-H-V-N and frame the opening week.


Prometheus, the bringer of light, fascinated Beethoven throughout his life. The character is also the inspiration behind the light art installations by the Berlin-based artist collective Schultze/Müller that kick off the Beethoven Anniversary Year.

Is not Beethoven, a modern artist who answers only to himself and whose music “lights the way through the darkness”, himself a kind of Prometheus?
The symbolic power of light as a source of inspiration, enlightenment and knowledge could also be the title of the “Beethoven Discovery Year”.
The second motif of the light art project could be order and chaos. Composition brings order to the chaos of possible sounds and order to the infinite space of time.

Ten light art installations draw on Beethoven’s musical oeuvre, allow urban to be experienced and create memorable images in the minds of the visitors. The light installations create enlightening moments, illuminate the city of Bonn and shine a light out into the world.
The light installations combine a broad spectrum of different settings to create a complete picture in urban Bonn. They use conventional lighting, basic control systems and very few projections to deliberately avoid the attention-grabbing, increasingly bombastic “light festivals” being staged everywhere today in the name of city marketing. They are all easily accessible on foot and the general public are invited to walk from installation to installation.



Verschiedenste Stellen des Bonner Stadtgebiets

53111 Bonn


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