02.12.2020 | Dance

live arts – Tanz Voetvolk / Lisbeth Gruwez & Maarten Van Cauwenberghe – The Sea Within

With THE SEA WITHIN, Belgian choreographer and dancer Lisbeth Gruwez brings an extraordinary and intoxicating dance performance to Bonn.


In the course of the evening ten great dancers merge into an impressive, pulsating landscape. Thus the performers conquer the space, the bodies remind us of the forces of nature and become dynamic sculptures that depict different emotional states. The theme of the piece revolves around issues such as solidarity, community and self-care, emphasizing that cohesion and individuality are not mutually exclusive.

For the first time in her career, Gruwez does not dance her choreography herself here; instead, she chose a group of dancers. A hypnotic, pulsating soundtrack is provided by Gruwez's long-time artistic partner Maarten Van Cauwenberghe, together with Elko Blijweert and Bjorn Eriksson.

Lisbeth Gruwez founded her company Voetvolk, "Fußvolk", a contemporary dance and performance group, together with Maarten Van Cauwenberghe more than twelve years ago. Her work is an ongoing dialogue between physical movement and sound: they guide each other to achieve a symbiosis between the acoustic and the visible.


Helmut-Kohl-Allee 4
53113 Bonn

Admission prices

Information on advance ticket sales
Information: T +49 228 9171-200

Ticket information

18.60 €/ reduced 12.80 € (incl. VVK fees and return trip within the VRS)
Admission tickets are available at the cash desk or via Bonnticket in advance


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