16.05.2020 to 16.05.2020 | 20:00 | Performance

Live-Stream: Through night to light - A music performance by deaf & hearing people for deaf & hearing people - www.sommerblut.de

In the Beethoven Year 2020, TROUGH NIGHT TO LIGHT shows the future of inclusive culture: deaf and hearing performers and musicians - accompanied by a video artist - go on an experimental music theatre trip. Sign language and visuals meet trombone, trumpet and electronics.


Ludwig van Beethoven - crossing borders between the world of the hearing and deaf - provides the inspiration. The composer and musical visionary, who was deaf at a young age, broke through the genre boundaries of his time with his work. The performance transforms his music into contemporary timbres and futuristic visualizations.

The joint work of sign language poet Rafael-Evitan Grombelka and director Michaela Caspar tests new forms of togetherness. A virtual space of experience is created, which the audience - hearing or deaf - can enter in their own way of perception. Different perceptions of the world open up and manifest themselves. TROUGH NIGHT TO LIGHT is the draft of a subversive utopia.

In sign language and spoken language. A production of Sommerblut in cooperation with the Beethoven Society.




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