25.04.2021 to 03.10.2021 | Exhibition

Ludwig is alive! Beethoven in Pop

The interactive special exhibition in the rock'n'popmuseum will be devoted five months to the perennial phenomenon of Ludwig van Beethoven. A pop star during his lifetime, the enthusiasm for his work continues to this day. Exhibits, sound and video recordings and an innovative exhibition design surprise visitors and show them that Beethoven can still be found everywhere, in advertising, in mobile phone ringtones, in comic strips or in the songs of current hip hop or heavy metal artists.


Even in his lifetime, this man is a star. And his lust for Ludwig has not waned since then. E.T.A. Hoffmann, Richard Wagner and Thomas Mann deal with Ludwig van Beethoven and his work, but also Chuck Berry, Stanley Kubrick and Alicia Keys. In pop, the myth of Beethoven explodes and finally opens up a very special Beethoven reference space in music, film, comics, literature and pop art from many parts of the world, which has never been dealt with so comprehensively before. The questions of violence and pathos, of genius and masculinity, of Beethoven's role in national and international interests, which have already accompanied Beethoven in his time, are probably more urgent today than ever before. On the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the composer's birth, the exhibition Ludwig lebt! illuminates obvious and surprising traces of Beethoven in pop, starting with the fact that, according to legend, the CD as we know it has a length of 74 minutes, so that Beethoven's Ninth can be played completely on it. Ludwig lebt shows Beethoven's traces in bands like The Beatles, Shangri-Las, Electric Light Orchestra, Die Toten Hosen and artists like Helge Schneider, Schwesta Ewa or Judith Holofernes, in movies like Disney's Phantasia, A Clockwork Orange and Elephant, as well as in comics and mangas like Peanuts and Detective Conan.

The rock'n'popmuseum's special exhibition is curated by a nationwide team of experts. A scientific exhibition catalogue and a symposium in June 2020 complement the exhibition theme, as does an extensive supporting programme with family concerts, workshops and special tours.


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