29.11.2020 | Drama

Ludwig! Just between Us.

The programme for the Beethoven Anniversary Year: A Rhenish-Satirical Encounter with the Master

By and with Christoph Scheeben and Andreas Etienne

Now that half the world is standing on end because of the Beethoven anniversary, the time has also come for us cabaret artists to get to know the master in person and to also discuss his personality and make some astonishing discoveries along the way: Did you know that the most famous son of our city moved house 80 times in Vienna alone? So he couldn’t have liked it there that much. Or that he drank two to three bottles of wine a day? In manner of speaking, he drank until he liked it in Vienna! This and everything else is sort of true, just told in the cheerful Rhenish way. Satirical, but also musical, because there’ll be no shortage of his ingenious music on this evening. Lisa Schumann on the violin, Darko Kostovski on the piano and the incomparable voice of Christoph Scheeben will make sure of that. Look forward to a relaxed programme by and with Andreas Etienne beyond gypsum busts and kitsch souvenirs, and the realization that this genius named Beethoven “was somehow just a Bonn boy”.


Haus der Springmaus
Frongasse 10
53121 Bonn

Admission prices

Tickets: €26.50 / €20.80 (discounted)

Ticket information

Concessions for:
- School pupils, students and apprentices up to the age
- School pupils, students and apprentices up to the age of 26
- The unemployed and citizens with a Bonn Card (Bonn-Ausweis)
- Severely disabled persons (from 50%)
- Companions of severely disabled persons, whose ID is marked with a “B”
- Holders of volunteer cards Please have the necessary documentation at hand when entering the theatre.


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