12.06.2020 to 11.07.2020 | Side programme

Ludwig van Beethoven: FIDELIO



SCHLOSSFESTSPIELE SCHWERIN 2020 castle festival presents an impressive classical experience with an excellent cast, against the magnificent backdrop of the Schwerin Residence Ensemble and Lake District, with a view of the shining golden castle of Schwerin: FIDELIO! Ludwig van Beethoven’s only opera.

Leonore takes a great risk for her imprisoned husband Florestan. Disguised as a man under the alias "Fidelio", she enters the infamous state prison, where the tyrannical governor Don Pizarro deals with his political opponents with an iron hand. As his dark deeds threaten to be exposed, he plans to remove all traces of them and make his greatest adversary, Florestan, who lies vegetating under inhumane conditions in solitary confinement, disappear. Leonore manages to thwart the murder at the last moment and the minister’s forces put an end to Pizarro's ruthless regime.

As with his symphonies, the final version of Beethoven’s rescue opera FIDELIO, which premiered in 1814 at the Vienna Kärntnertortheater, has a “musique humanitaire” appealing to mankind in general – as a sounding vision of an ideal global community. It contains a powerful commitment to the human dignity, freedom and justice always threatened by despotism, and remains alarmingly current even 250 years after the birth of the world's most influential composer.

The renowned opera director Roman Hovenbitzer will stage a spectacular performance of Beethoven's FIDELIO in the Old Garden (Alter Garten). Internationally acclaimed soloists will perform accompanied by the opera ensemble, the opera and extra choir of the Mecklenburg State Theatre and the Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle symphony orchestra at this summer open-air event in one of the most beautiful places in Germany, turning it into a unique and special experience.



SCHLOSSFESTSPIELE SCHWERIN – Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater
Alter Garten 2
19055 Schwerin

Admission prices

Tickets can be purchased from 25€ per person.

Ticket information

Please note that tickets for cancelled performances of the 2019/20 season must be returned by 28.06.2020. Please note that tickets already purchased for performances of FIDELIO are not transferable to events of the season 2020/21.


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