06.12.2020 to 06.12.2020 | Concert

Ludwig van

Mauricio Kagel – Ludwig van. Homage to Beethoven (1969) Concert version by Carl Rosman based on the version for LP of 1970 for two voices, two pianos and a string quartet


David Jerusalem, Martin Lindsay, Vocals

Ensemble Musikfabrik

As a composer, Beethoven composed music that was so unique that even short fragments of it are immediately recognizable as Beethoven. Mauricio Kagel made use of this in Ludwig van (1969) by arranging various fragments of Beethoven's works, played simultaneously, one after the other, overlaid and modified as if heard by the deaf composer himself. The Ensemble Musikfabrik has developed a concert version of the original Ludwig van recordings based on Kagel's handwritten sketches, in collaboration with the Paul Sacher Foundation which owns the sketches.

Mauricio Kagel (1931-2008) was one of the most famous and, above all, extraordinary composers of the 20th century. Extraordinary in that he was always on the cutting edge of contemporary aesthetic musical trends, but himself in the middle of music history and reflected, commented on and sometimes satirized this in his work. The media instruments that he used for artistic implementation were as varied as the topics that Kagel dealt with in his musical, scenic, radiophonic and filmic compositions. Kagel believed: "It is perhaps necessary to distort Beethoven in order to remind us of the biting, avant-garde nature of his music." (Ludwig van Sketches at the Paul Sacher Foundation, Basel). Kagel's approach to composition created ideal conditions for re-exposing this visionary nature of the composer Ludwig van Beethoven to the ears of today.


Beethoven-Haus Bonn
Bonngasse 20
53111 Bonn

Admission prices

Admission is free of charge. The concert takes place as part of the Zeitgenosse Beethoven exhibition.


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