18.09.2021 to 18.09.2021 | Concert

Ludwig's Heirs Festival



On 18.09. the Brückenforum is all about Bonn's newcomer scene: We celebrate the LUDWIGS HEIR FESTIVAL 2021!


Five artists from the region will create a fantastic evening full of varied music at the Brückenforum.


The "LUDWIGs HEIR FESTIVAL 2021!" not only bears the name of Beethoven in its title, but is also entirely dedicated to the artist from Bonn.

As part of the Beethoven Year and with the support and funding of BTHVN2020, a festival is being created here whose character is shaped by Beethoven's guiding themes.

In the run-up to the events, artists from the region will have the opportunity to apply for five "slots" at the festival in the Brückenforum on 18 September 2021. The slots are based on the following 5 main themes:

Bonn citizens of the world

Sound artist



Nature lover

The festival celebrates the diversity of Bonn's young music scene and honours the forefather of Bonn's musical landscape in a very special way.

As diverse as Bonn's music scene is, and especially its young talent scene, so diverse was its namesake "Ludwig van Beethoven" - so it's fitting that we want to celebrate these two together.

Everyone is welcome and cordially invited to join in the celebration.


Friedrich-Breuer-Straße 17
53225 Bonn

Admission prices

Admission is free.

Ticket information

Admission is free - everyone who would like to discover new artists and celebrate the Beethoven Year with us is invited.


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