20.11.2020 to 20.11.2020 | 20:00 | Concert

Musical Kaleidoscope: Claude Hauri (violoncello) & Corrado Greco (piano)

Musical Kaleidoscope: Claude Hauri (violoncello) & Corrado Greco (piano)


Beethoven and Karin Haußmann (world premiere)


With exciting, humorous moderation, the two musicians lead their audience through the programme via Bonn to Essen and Leipzig to Paris and Prague, before finally reaching Italy, the home of the two musicians, as the final point.


A soft shimmering is in the air, a carpet of sound slowly unfolds like a flower opening up to blossom - and suddenly the rich, full sound of a musical work reaches the ear.

These words can be used to describe the first bars of one of Karin Haußmann's compositions.

The world premiere of a new work by Karin Haußmann, who lives and works in the Ruhr area, will be the heart of the concert evening along with the Beethoven Sonata,

The cellist Claude Hauri, who comes from Lugano in Switzerland, and the pianist Corrado Greco from Varese (Italy) start their musical journey with a sonata by Ludwig van Beethoven. Embedded in the evening is a world premiere by the composer Karin Haußmann, and works by Clara Schumann and Linda Dusman will also be heard.


Hof Bellevue
Massener Str. 130
59423 Unna

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Tickets: 10€/8€

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VVK: www.komponistinnenbibliothek.de


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