26.04.2020 to 26.04.2020 | Concert

P E R F O R Music Beethoven

The young artists at the North Rhine-Westphalia Chamber Music Centre (Kammermusikzentrum NRW) do more than just play and interpret music, they are performers, researchers and even composers.

A piece is being developed with and for these young artists, spun from the past (Who was this genius?), the present (Where is the genius in me?), the future (Can I become a genius?). The devil is in the details here; is giving up one’s soul the only way to become a genius? Did Beethoven even sell his hearing to the devil? It could be so easy; after all, is the pact with the devil not a tempting thought? Even for us today. How can we relate to Beethoven as the first independent artist to not rely on the goodwill of the court and nobility, and how far did he go? Is our puberty our own little personal French Revolution? Would I also leave my chamber pot lying around on my piano? The young artists of the Kammermusikzentrum NRW will address these questions and the man behind them under professional coaching, and create a special work for the 2020 Beethoven Anniversary Year.


Residenzmuseum Schloss Neuhaus
Residenzstraße 2
33104 Paderborn

Admission prices

Regular: €18.00, €16.50, €12.00
Reduced: €12.00, €11.00, €8.00


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